about beach nana travels

  Jim and Robin at the beach... again!

Jim and Robin at the beach... again!

Who We Are and What We Are Doing

Hi, I'm Robin North, avid RV traveler and writer. My husband Jim and I decided to take a one-year sabbatical and see what life has to offer other than work and stress! Beach Nana Travels shares the adventure of our RV travel around the country, the destinations we visit and the things we learn along the way. 

Our RV

We like to travel frequently, so we bought a 2016 Unity MB by Leisure Travel Vans. Built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis, it includes the comforts of home in a smaller 25' x 8' footprint. Not as big as a Class A, but much more comfortable than a Class B van. It provides a great "studio-style" apartment on wheels yet is small enough to drive and park downtown. 

What are we sharing

Beach Nana is about the small RV lifestyle - the places we discover, the things we learn about the RV, camping, travel, and life itself.  We favor smaller destinations close to home but are always excited to take the next "big" trip.  


Get Outta Town is a library of the destinations we've visitied. We try to  include  some basic travel information along with what's fun or special about the place.  In each destination profile, you'll find a list of things to do, where to camp, and a brief  summary of our experience there. Many of the places we feature are state parks since there are so manyof them around the country - and they are quite affordable! 

We love to tour small towns since they offer a unique flavor without the tourist crowds. A remarkable number of smaller gems are within a 3-hour drive of metropolitan areas. So, if you live near a big city, there are probably dozens of weekend getaways just waiting to be discovered.

The beach nana life

Traveling in a small RV is a great experience. In The Beach Nana Life section, you'll find travel tips, helpful information on RV life, outdoor activities, and managing the practical matters of life on the road - like  organizing your small space or cooking in a tiny kitchen!

weekend sabbatical

We encourage people with fast-paced lives to take frequent 'pauses' in their routines. Being intentional about taking a break to rest, relax, and refresh at least one weekend each month is crucial to enjoying your life. You will find helpful posts about planning for those "weekend sabbaticals", including how outdoor adventures can help bring balance to your life. 

The gear we use

Like most RVers, we purchase a LOT of gear to make our adventures more enjoyable. We are unapologetic "glampers" enjoying the comforts of home on an outdoor adventure. We don't claim to be 'true campers' but totally appreciate those hearty souls who choose to travel light and keep it rustic. We're city kids traveling with a great hotel room on wheels! The gear we recommend are things we have actually purchased, use and love. If we have a relationship with a vendor, we will note that in the post.

What's In a Name?

When my grandson was about three years old, he vacationed with us at the beach. When he later visited with us at our coastal-decorated home, he said I wasn't just a "regular" nana, I was a "beach nana"! The name stuck and I have been Beach Nana ever since. My grandson is now eleven years old and I am proud "Nana" to five wonderful "grands" who vacation with us at the beach every year. They also accompany us on short trips in the RV, often asking to "camp out" in the driveway when we are at home. True to the moniker, water is always a draw for us. It is not surprising that many of our destination posts include beaches, lakes and even an occasional river. A beach is a beach no matter the water it boarders!