about beach nana travels

Jim and Robin at the beach... again!

Jim and Robin at the beach... again!

Who We Are and What We Are Doing

Hi, we're Jim and Robin North. We're part-time Small-RV travelers and all-the-time RV enthusiasts. We love sharing what we've learned about this travelstyle and make it our mission to help others make the most of their Small-RV experience. We want to help you travel at will, explore everywhere, and find the beauty and fun in destinations near home or across the country.

What we are sharing and how we can help

After several years of extended travel in our 25-foot Class B+ motor coach, we've become enthusiastic ambassadors for the beauty and delight of a Small-RV travelstyle. We are not focused on full-time living in an RV, but learning about the flexibility and fun that make smaller RVs a more practical and enjoyable way to escape and explore. 

Beach Nana Travels is about the places we discover, the things we learn about the RV, camping, travel, and maybe a little about life itself. We create handy travel tools to help you enjoy your RV travel more. From trip planning to maintenance worksheets to packing lists we're happy to share what we've learned about the Small-RV travelstyle.

why should you listen to us?

When you first bought an RV, you probably didn't think RV travel would involve such a steep learning curve! We know what it feels like to step into thin air - purchasing an RV without any previous experience. We've made the jump from complete novice to fully involved RV travelers. But, without any prior RV or camping experience, we've made our share of mistakes and goof-ups! (Like forgetting to take the cap off of the sewer hose - that was ugly!) So, we know just how steep the learning curve can be - and we can guide you along that curve to become a "Small RV Ninja"!

As far as travel goes, Robin has a twenty-year career in tourism, promoting destinations to individuals and groups all over the country. She knows a thing or two about searching out the best a destination has to offer! 

And for the technical side of things, Jim is a former Firefighter/Paramedic with lots of experience driving and maintaining emergency vehicles similar in size and structure to small RVs (and like many firefighters, he is an inspired chef who enjoys recreating recipes we find on our travels!). 

Much of our writing goes to our list rather than the blog. These emails are not mere blog post notifications but RV helps, travel tips, destination previews, and inspiration to help you enjoy your RV lifestyle more. Join our band of RV enthusiasts who always get our best content. We'll help you see Small-RV travel in a beautiful new way! 

So, how can we help you?

I'm new to small RVs:  If you are new to smaller RVs, you'll soon learn they are perfect travel vehicles. Let's walk through what you need to know to become a Small-RV Ninja. OK, I'm ready to learn more

I'm ready to travel:  Explore large and small destination options, travel tips, and planning hacks for a great trip. We love to share previews of small towns as well as the more popular spots for weekend and vacation-length trips. Yes! Let's Go!

I want to make RV travel more fun:  Discover how much fun a small RV travel-style can be, curating collectible experiences, engaging in immersive activities, and igniting your creativity. I'm up for fun!

What's In a Name?

When my grandson was about three years old, he vacationed with us at the beach. When he later visited with us at our coastal-decorated home, he said I wasn't just a "regular" nana, I was a "beach nana"! The name stuck and I have been Beach Nana ever since. My grandson is now eleven years old and I am proud "Nana" to five - almost six - wonderful "grands" who vacation with us at the beach every year. They also accompany us on short trips in the RV, often asking to "camp out" in the driveway when we are at home. True to the moniker, water is always a draw for us. It is not surprising that many of our destination posts include beaches, lakes and even an occasional river. A beach is a beach no matter the water it borders!