Ten Tips To Prep A Small RV For A Trip

Leisure Travel Van Unity. Great conveniences in a snall package.

Leisure Travel Van Unity. Great conveniences in a snall package.

Taking a trip in a small RV is part serendipity and part planning. The size of the unit (Class C Leisure Travel Van UnityMB) means we can go almost anywhere a 15 passenger van can go, so we tend to take a lot of spur-of-the-moment trips.

At the same time, every trip, no matter how short, requires some preparation to make sure the RV is safe, properly maintained and that we have what we need for a great time. For us, that means a checklist.

Here are the top ten things we check before every trip to make sure our small RV is ready for the road, and our "house that rolls"*  is comfortable. 

  1. Check the fluids like fuel and DEF levels (only for diesel engines. It is a diesel fluid that reduces emissions), the fluid in the windshield wipers, the oil level (time for a new filter?)

  2. Check the tire pressure (while there, check the tread wear!)

  3. Lubricate the automatic steps, the slide out, and the awning mechanism

  4. Check the hours on the generator and the level of the LP tank, at fill the fresh water tank, add a few gallons of clean water to the black and gray tanks along with a deodorizer

  5. Clean the exterior of the RV, making sure the solar panels are clean and clear of debris and dirt. Rainex the windshield and wipe down the wiper blades (check to see if they need replacing)

  6. Clean the interior of the RV. Vacuum, mop the floors, dust, disinfect kitchen and bath (housework - even in an RV!)

  7. Load up the linens, clothing, food supplies and "toys" like the uke, guitar, books, electronics

  8. Check all systems are functional: electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and your engine!

  9. Load kayak, paddles, life vests, water shoes, camp chairs, tables, floats, beach towels

  10. Check and store maps, written directions and reservation confirmations, enter coordinates for all "planned" stops in GPS

    *When we sold our home, moved into an apartment, and bought the RV our oldest granddaughter, Avery, thought it was amazing that we now had a "house that rolls!"

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