for boondocking

Yup, we’ve bought them and use them that’s why we are passing on what we’ve found that works.

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Battery Operated Oscillating Fans

These clip-on (or stand up) fans are perfect for clipping to the bookshelves above our RV bed. The multi-speed, oscillating fan keeps the air moving. They include two rechargable batteries and can be recharged with a power block plug or a laptop. On our last boondocking outing they ran at low speed all night on a full charge (the label states 2-6 hours depending on the speed).


Thermal Drapes to hang between cab and coach

These foil-baked grommet topped drapes work well to keep the air conditioning or heating where you need it. We hung these drapes on a standard rod using standard rod hangars on the wooden bulkhead between the cab and coach. Yes, I had to hem them to length, but it was an easy fix to keep the coach warmer or cooler depending on the season.

Two-Cupper Electric Kettle

This little kettle is a good option when boondocking. At 800 watts it is compatible with our inverter. Check your inverter specifications to see if it will work for you!