RV Kitchen Essentials

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Induction Countertop Burner

The RV has a propane cooktop, but there are times we would prefer an electric burner. This induction cooktop fills the bill. We use it inside the RV and outside on the picnic table. Great heat control and fast cooking times. 


Bento Box Set

These little gems are perfect to packing up lunch or snacks. We use them when the grandkids travel with us. We pack one for each of them with their individual snack preferences - healthy snacks, of course!

Corelle Shatter Resistant Dinner Ware

We don't like paper plates, so one of the first items we purchased for the RV kitchen was this Corelle dinnerware set. The square shape makes it fits the cabinets snugly and its unbreakable character means we can enjoy "real" dinnerware without worry about breaking dishes. It cleans up in a snap and the simple color and design make it the perfect backdrop for beautifully delicious meals. 

Magic Chef Tabletop Glass Oven

I never thought I would like this. However it has become our "go to " applicance when we are traveling in the RV. If you want to cook perfect bacon, biscuits, brownies, roast chicken... anything you would put in an oven, well, this thing cooks it beautifully and quickly. It is a convection oven that fits neatly on the countertop or on the picnic table in camp. Just plug it in and let it cook!