for the rv organizer

A small-RV has to be organized! You’ll be surprised at how much comfort you can fit into this small footprint with the right organization tactics and products. Here are a few of our favorites - tested and approved to make your small-RV much more efficient.

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Hang up organizer

This can be used for toiletries, jewelry, or for office and craft supplies. I put my office supplies in this and hang it next to the table while I am working and then roll it up and store it when I am done. All those tiny items in one place. The pockets are zippered so nothing will fall out.


Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags

We used to call them “space bags” but they are a terrific organization product whatever the name! We load them up with towels or pillows and then press the air out and it makes the whole package flatter. No vacuum needed. These are also handy for clothing too. Comes with four different sized bags.


NavePoint Universal tablet or smartphone mount.

We love to cook but don’t have room to take along our cookbooks. So, we load up our favorite recipes and ones we want to try onto our tablet. Then, when we travel in the RV we use this tablet mount under the kitchen cabinet to access all of our recipes from our electronic files (or watch an episode of “The Barefoot Contessa”!). Articulated arm makes positioning easy for viewing and the spring-loaded holder keeps the tablet snugly in place.