seminole state park

Donalsonville, GA

Seminole State Park is located in the southwest corner of Georgia. As the first park in our "Four Corners of Georgia" trip, we were excited to get set up. Upon arrival, I wondered if we would stay the entire length of our reservation since the gnats where everywhere (including INSIDE the Ranger's office)!  She was unconcerned and said they do not bite but are just a bit of an annoyance. 

The good news regarding the gnats: They seem to show up about 2:00 in the afternoon, and depart around 5:00pm (perhaps they have cocktail hour elsewhere?!). Frankly, we didn't notice them while hiking but only while at the campsite.

RV Sites

The campground reservations are non-site specific. That means once you check in, just drive around the campground to look for a site you like (that doesn't have an "occupied" placard attached to the site post) and claim your site. On the way in, we drove by some very nice cabins right on the lake and hoped that we would find a similar spot on the lake's edge.  

Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, all of the lakefront sites were taken. Still, we found an elevated site just a few yards back from the lake, giving us a great view.  However, the site was far from level, and it took every "lego block" that we had to get the bubble almost between the lines of our carpenter's level.


The weather was perfect as we sat outside in our fold up chairs (Robin on the ukulele) watching the bass boats zoom by. Turns out that Lake Seminole is a big destination for fishing and boating.

The campground is filled with trees, the sites roomy, and the Comfort Stations clean. Putting in a kayak or canoe would be very easy at the lake's edge. There are several hiking trails through the long leaf pine forest. They are not very well marked... make sure you bring a map! 

We decided to take a jaunt (without map or water) and after about about an hour of hiking, it didn't look like we were anywhere near the end of the 2.2 mile loop we read about. ( I figured an hour's walk should be close to 4 miles, using our walks around Lake Peachtree as a reference).  At that point, we decided to turn back so as not to revisit our "Dr Quinn Medicine Woman" hike, where we got hopelessly lost in the woods of North Georgia! [if you would like to hear the whole story of that hike gone wrong, we would be happy to sit down with a glass of wine and tell you all about it!]

Later that evening, we thought that we would pick up the trail from the end of the loop (this time with map in hand). It turns out we were about fifty yards from completing the loop when we turned around the first time!

RATING: 4 of 5 stars

Activities - Boating, swimming, hiking, gnat swatting

Comfort Stations - Clean and roomy - large shower with curtain, spacious enough to shower and dress in relative privacy

Site - Spacious, soil and gravel surface, difficult to level. Concrete picnic table with bbq grill and fire ring. Sites on the lake front have concrete pad and appear to be more level.