Feeling the RV Overwhelm?


"Learn all you can about your RV!"

That's what everyone told us when we bought an RV without any experience. We had no idea the learning curve would be so steep! We were totally overwhelmed. But trip by trip  we learned what to do - and more often what NOT to do.

If you are new to small RVs and feeling a bit overwhelmed with all there is to know to keep your RV in top shape then Small-RV Ninja may be the boost of confidence you need.

This is the same information we used to move from small-RV novice to fully engaged RV travelers - and you can too! In it you’ll find an easy to follow “cheat sheet” on each part of your small RV:

  • Critical maintenance to keep your RV running smoothly

  • Important basic information on each system that you must know

  • Our system-by-system overview of your RV

  • What you need to do for your RV before you leave for a trip

From how to operate and maintain your RV to how to tailor it to your lifestyle, we designed Beach Nana Travels to be a helpful resource for both new RVers and seasoned travelers. You’ll find tips for organizing, maintaining, and modifying your RV as well as some great destinations to visit.

Our emails are not mere blog post notifications but valuable RV helps, travel tips, and destination previews to help you enjoy your small-RV lifestyle more. Join our band of small-RV enthusiasts who always get our most important content. We'll help you see small-RV travel in a beautiful new way! 

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The small-rv ninja workbook…

When you know your RV and have a good idea about how its systems work, your travel adventures can be focused on the trip instead of on the vehicle. 

Small-RV Ninja is a workbook and guide to help you understand and document important information about your RV. From model numbers on appliances to how to use the service bay, your Small-RV Ninja workbook will become a handy reference guide about your own RV. 

We'll walk through each system in a typical small RV and help you document what you need to know to operate and maintain it. Step-by-step worksheets and checklists will become a personalized guide for your RV. 

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