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quick-dry beach towels

Regular beach towels are bulky and quite heavy when wet. We wanted a quick-dry microfiber towel that we could use for the beach or when kayaking. These dry very quickly and wash like a dream Bright colors, soft finish and eminently packable!


The best Lap Desk

Although we use the table for many of our crafting and writing activities, a lap desk is a must for relaxing in the chairs with the laptop or when I’m writing in bed. This oversized one has a memory foam base so it stays put in your lap and the wood top is just right for a writing surface, to hold the laptop - and there’s enough room for a mouse and pad!


kindle paperwhite e-reader

I use the Kindle app on my tablet and phone, but the Paperwhite is a lot easier on the eyes. It has a built-in light and a 300ppi resolution. Nice.  


Thermal Wine Cups

A good way to enjoy that wine you just purchased at the vineyard tour! These chill up well and have a “sippy” lid to prevent spills when you put them in the camp chair cup holder.