Go farther,
Get Closer,
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Don't just go to the popular tourist spots. Those are fun, but there are so many interesting small towns, state parks, and local eateries you can find both near and far. Slow down and take time to go farther, get closer and explore deeper to find the soul of every area you visit! 

How Can We Help You Enjoy RV Travel More?

Hi, we're Jim and Robin North. We're part-time Small-RV travelers and all-the-time RV enthusiasts. We love sharing what we have learned about this lifestyle and make it our mission to help others make the most of their RV experience. We want to help you travel at will, explore everywhere, and find the beauty and fun in destinations near home or across the country. So, how can we help you?

help! I'm new to small RVs!

Let's walk through what you need to know about your small RV [for us, that's an RV less than 30-feet in length] and help you become a "Small-RV Ninja".  Ok, I want to learn more

I'm ready to travel!

Explore large and small destination options, travel tips, and planning hacks. Let's Go!

I want to make RV travel more fun!

Discover how much fun an RV travel-style can be curating collectible experiences, engaging in immersive activities, and igniting your creativity. I'm in for fun!


Plan the best rv trip ever!

Planning a multi-stop RV trip can be a puzzle! From where to stop and finding a campground, to what to see along the way it's quite a task to make it all fit together. The RV Trip Planner is a step-by-step process to help you plan each segment of your adventure. 

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